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24 Weird Images That Will Make You Introspective Today


Don’t you love optical illusions? They make you look a hundred times in a picture before you finally reveal the hidden meaning. If you are in to be introspective today, check out these 24 images that are weirder than you think. Auntyacid will bring out the odd side in you.

1. Crying cucumbers

Look at those terrified faces! How could you do this, human?


2. Building a relationship


Head over heels with each other indeed! Was it intentional by the architect? He is probably a hopeless romantic.

3. The new world

Is this a distant moon shining on a not-so-far-away planet? Can we all move there? Our planet is wasting away…NASA, anyone?

4. Cookies on tour

The load on the back of this guy’s van certainly reminds us of the cookie monster from Sesame Street. Was it intentional? Because it’s downright cute.

5. Woof wood

Cute dog stuck in this piece of wood. Maybe it’s a secret gift for a lovely dog to make his company?

6. Surprised socket

Or rather shocked…They all look very concerned about their fiend.

7. Is everything okay?

This tap looks like the saddest person on the planet.

8. Parrots on a glass?

Aren’t these parrots cute, hanging out on this glass? They would be cute if they were parrots. But they are actually milkweed seeds! Do not eat them, as they are quite deadly to humans.

9. Tapped under ice

This tap reminds me so much of Scrat from the Ice Age movies! Did you also love him?

10. Knee-deep

Two babies trapped in this woman’s knees! They look like they had just jumped out of a horror movie!

11. These boots were made for frying…

“And that’s just what they’ll do…”

12. Belly face

Why does his belly look so much like Woody Harrelson?

13. The tree monster

It’s time for a Lord of the Rings live scene! Oh, no! It’s just a pair of stop signs!

14. The sorting cone

Harry Potter fans will love this “hat”!

15. Slay, kitty!

Wow! Look at that badass sword in this cat’s fur! He was made for a soldier. A born warrior.

16. Tall and phat

This tree has some serious junk in the trunk.

17. It’s Raphael!

Kids will love this swing!

18. Cowabunga!

There appears to be a Star Wars stormtrooper hiding in this pile of washing up.Be prepared to fight!

19. S.O.S

A “man” is looking for help! Let him out!

20. Make it sew

The legendary Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart is hiding in this pile of laundry! Hilarious!

21. Surfing bird

It does look like that bird is in some kind of extasy.

22. Legs eleven

What is going on here? Oh, that’s right…

23. Corn survivor

This is a corn holder, but it might just be a torture device from the past.

24. Where have you ‘bin’ all my life?

Here are some more weird pictures.

Source: Auntyacid

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