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24 Weirdest And Most Absurd Recent Fashion Trends – Rated


Fashion rules are made to be broken. Who said you can’t wear an all black outfit? Oh, yeah only the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Still, if you want to wear white after labor day or mix prints, no one is stopping you. Fashion is complicated and sometimes weird, and there were some wild trends in the past year, from mythologically-themed hair to space-age boots.
If you are looking for a fashion advice on a composed outfit this might not be the right place. This list made by Providr, consists of some of the weirdest things that 2017’s trendsetters had to offer.

1. Platform Crocs

Someone who wears these is not to be messed with. Don’t let the pink color fool you. These people don’t care about the disapproval of God or man, so don’t say anything to them.


Balenciaga platform Crocs. Not a joke.

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2. Boyfriend fashion

This outfit looks like Edward Scissorhands is your boyfriend. Definitely, the boyfriend trend is not for everyone.


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3. Ripped stockings

Don’t throw away your ripped stockings. They are considered to be high-fashion and make any gaping character flaws look like a deliberate style choice. Score!


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4. Transparent heels

These heels will make you look like you are visiting from the future. Or a Star Trek set.


#прозрачныйкаблук #прозрачныеботинки #обувьмосква

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5. Yellow blush

Now, this looks very Halloweeny. But it might also show the world that you are a flower child who just loves life and nature.


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6. Sneaker pants

Save your money! Buy sneakers with pants included. However, this might be impractical and doesn’t really look that good.


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7. Triple denim

Nigerian fashion blogger Abimbola Zaenab illustrates one of the fundamental truths of fashion; there is no such thing as too much denim.



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8. Corset miniskirt

No. Make it stop. Where are you even going to wear this?


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9. Fishnets under jeans

This one is pretty cool. You can wear your ripped jeans, that you only wear in summer, in fall too.


Fishnets under denim 👌🏻

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10. Double pants

This is proof that the human mind is limitless. However, it’s not a good choice for people who don’t want to look like a Human Centipede.


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11. See-through knee patches

This might look weird and and bad but you will probably want ten pairs, effective immediately.


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12. Faux fur sandals

The meeting where they thought of this one probably went like this: “What if we give women … a shoe … that has the ugliness of slippers AND the discomfort of high-heels?” “You’re a genius, Gerry! This is almost as great as the time you came up with UGGs!”


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13. Ombre hair

This was a very popular trend, especially for those whose roots grew out but they didn’t want to bother with them anymore. Still looks really good.


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14. Men’s lace shirts

First leather pants, now this? Trying to make men sexier than ever!


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15. See-through pants

When having jeans with see-through knee patches is just not good enough for you.


16. This abomination

There is no reason for wearing these. Even the denim doesn’t help. Points for imagination though.


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17. Mermaid hair

This might be gorgeous and artistic, but imagine how long it will take you to paint this Impressionist masterpiece in the medium of hair dye.


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18. Oversized everything

This trend is perfect for lazy people who love curling up inside their sweaters like a turtle and ignoring reality. Also, it looks very comfy.


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19. The Romp-him:

Men challenging gender norms? Really cool!  However, doing it to reassure people and giving the look a man name. Not so cool. Ugh.


20. Paint tights

Maybe trying too hard to be cool? And, also what would happen if they rip? Still, looks kinda interesting.


#peace 🐬pacific tears🐬 #meltingtights @http://shop.urb-clothing.com

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21. Different-colored boots

One to match your lipstick and one to …. um, not sure what’s supposed to be happening here.


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22. Fanny pack

This might look ridiculous but it will keep all of your snacks close to you at all times.


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23. Tracksuit

Rarely anyone can pull of a tracksuit.  Well maybe, Missy Elliot.


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24. Shoulder pads

Wait shoulder pads are back and fashionable again? Maybe I should go through my grandmas closet after all.



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