These 25 Celebrities Rock The Bald Look

Most celebrities, both male and female, want to look flawless. However, that onetime amazing hair with ages or hair loss turns to baldness. What do celebrities do then? Some of them turn to toupees and hair-plugs, but some embrace what they have and rock their new look. Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of bald guys or not, these celebrities have become even more iconic because of their baldness.

John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Billy Zane and Stanley Tucci are just some of the celebrities that made baldness a super trend.

The following list, compiled by Ranker, might just make you consider reaching for a razor. You might as well agree that most of them look really amazing and much more badass, being bald in these before and after pictures.

1. Bruce Willis


The amazing 62-year-old actor shaved his head for the role of Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction.The Die Hard star nowadays is still cool bald guy example.

Source: Huffington Post

2. Sean Connery


According to his IMDb page, the Bond actor started losing his hair at the age of 21.

3. Dwayne Johnson


The 44-year actor known as  “The Rock” was not always known by his bald badass look and huge muscles as you can notice in some of earlier photos of him.

4. Vin Diesel


The Fast & Furious badass star disclosed for Elle magazine:  “Let’s put it this way, we’re all going to lose our hair eventually, so you’re better off making a stylistic choice early. Then nobody will be able to fault you for it later when it’s your style and you’re really losing it.”

Source: EHow

5. Mike Tyson


The 52-year-old gladiator, Mike Tyson, sported a cut much like infamous boxer Jack Dempsey. So, through the years he’s taken to just shaving it all off.

Source: Mens Hairstyles Hub

6. Patrick Stewart

The 76-year-old actor, in an interview for BBC, disclosed that he lost his hair when he was 19, within the space of a year, and that it was horrible.

7. Woody Harrelson


When the 55-year-old actor was asked, on The Colbert Report in 2009, whether he supported the troops enough to shave his head, Harrelson responded, “I wish I had more support to show.”

8. Charles Barkley

Yes, it is him. You wouldn’t recognize Charles Barkley in that picture since he has been bald for a while, right? He has previously joked after one  basketball game: “God said I’m gonna make me a perfect basketball player… I’m gonna give him everything but a full head of hair.”

Source: SB Nation

9. Jason Statham

The 49-year-old actor is one of those you think of right away if someone mentioned a bald actor, isn’t he? Lilly Anderson, a spokesperson for French Connection, whose line Statham is modelling for, said, “We chose Jason because we wanted our model to look like a normal guy.”

Source: The Independent

10. Danny DeVito


In an interview for the magazine Big Issue, Danny Davito said: “To this day, I’m very in tune with people’s hair. I’ll give people hair advice, even when I’m not asked for it. I’m always staring at hair.” He also said that his sister Angie sent him to hairdressing academy because she has wanted him to work with her.

11. John Malkovich


The Dangerous Liaisons actor said of his hair loss: “For a long time I played brooding, ‘James Dean’ types. I was kind of relieved when my hair fell out and I didn’t have to do that any more.”

Source: IMDb

12. Moby


For an interview with the Independent in 2006, the 51-year-old actor said, “I believe that those early experiences contributed to me losing my hair. It was a really fun period, but incredibly stressful.”

Source: Belgravia Centre

13. Ron Howard


The actor and screenwriter might have had hair before, however, over the years, Ron Howard loses more and more of his hair, a fact he never hides, actually.

14. Phil McGraw


Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock

Dr. Phill, born in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA has been bald since the age of 12. He revealed on an episode of The Doctors while addressing rumors that he wears a bald cap.

15. Larry David


The 69-year-old actor, in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, addressed the need for sunscreen and how you can’t sit in a convertible when you’re bald.

16. Stanley Tucci


The 56-year-old actor, Stanley Tucci has dealt with male pattern baldness during his thirties and he has decided to shave it all off.

Source: Time Out

17. Jason Alexander


According to PR Web, one of the stars from Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, started losing his hair when he was 17. The 57-year-old actor has since admitted to wearing a hairpiece. In fact, that became part of his stand-up comedy show, “An Evening with Jason Alexander and His Hair.”

Source: City Paper

18. Michael Stipe


In an interview with The Guardian, the 57-year-old musician, Michael Stipe said, “The hair helped a lot to hide who I was. So that went away, and things got a little more difficult.”

19. Andre Agassi


According to his book Open, the 46-year-old tennis player, Andre started losing his hair at a young age and he lived with a hairpiece for a long time. However, now Agassi says that he wouldn’t take hair even if you gave it to him.

Source: NY Mag

20. Howie Mandel


The 61-year-old comedian suffers from OCD. In an interview for ABC, he disclosed that he shaved his head by choice.  He said: “This feels so streamlined and so clean”

21. Brian Eno


The 68-year-old musician was losing his hair when he joined Roxy Music as their keyboard player.

Source: The Telegraph

22. Billy Zane


The 51-year old actor is shaving his head since 1997 and sometimes wears hairpieces for movie roles.
Did you know that in Titanic he wore a hairpiece?

Source: Belgravia Centre

23. Chris Daughtry


On American Idol, the 37-year-old guitarist admits that he is shaving his head because he is balding.

Source: People

24. Tom Colicchio

You probably know him as a bald-headed chef from Top Chef. However, he wasn’t always bald. When he was asked whether the bald head makes him a better chef, Tom answered “Men with shaved heads are always better. Just ask my wife.”

Source: Grubstreet

25. Evan Handler


You know Evan from his role in the TV show Sex and the City, right? The 56-year-old actor lost his hair at 24 because of a battle with leukemia. For WebMD interview, he said, “I hoped my hair would grow back for a long time, but when it became clear that it would not, I shaved off whatever grew there. I am now known for the way that I look.”

Source: ranker