25 People Who Figured Out How To “Fix It” Themselves


Sometimes even if we have the money we simply don’t have the time to get certain things fixed. When this happens, we are stuck with the problem and it remains unresolved for a very, long time.

But take a look at these do-it-yourself hacks that people came up with to fix their problems. Some of these examples would even make MacGyver proud. He could fix anything and fight off a crime with  little more than duct tape and a paper clip in the action-adventure television series.

Of course, there is no fun if there are not hacks which will make MacGyver cringe.

1. How clever


2. These hotdogs will be done in seconds


3. Why is this necessary?


4. Any gamer will be in shock to see this Xbox’s new job


5. Sure, why not, a chair can be used as a chair boat


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