25 People Who Have Mastered Dodging Bullets


Some people have good luck, and some people have bad luck. And, then, there are others who are masters at avoiding unfortunate events. Some people have excellent skills at dodging a bullet right when they need it most. Here are the best examples of people avoiding disasters, compiled by Diply.

1. Their parents must be elated. One bullet dodged safely.

What’s the next stage, though? Is it Miley Cyrus?


Source: Reddit

2. They should seriously take a break and celebrate with a beer.

Like, immediately. Go!


Source: Reddit | felix33

3. When you trick the fortune cookie and you are the coolest person ever.

These fortune cookies sound like my sisters giving me advice.


Source: Reddit | blakblob

4. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thank you, Mother Nature and all circumstances!


Source: Imgur | ThatPickleOverThere

5. That could’ve been a terrible train wreck.

I’ve watched this over and over and my body still reacts in the same frightening way. This guy is mastering it!


Source: Reddit | fanofstuff66

6. Testing the waters is always good before trying out something new.

Doesn’t it make you sad, though?


Source: Imgur | jefjac2003

7. Almost a complete disaster.

Hopefully, no one got hurt.


Source: Reddit | zeb1

8. That landing is just about perfect.

Whee did he learn all those ninja moves?


Source: Imgur | Tsmith95

9. Blessings from above!

This could work out well for her in the end, too. In case they break up, I mean.


Source: Imgur | reaaaally

10. Checkmate.

It hurts to watch this, I swear.


Source: Reddit | Scott_Bash

11. Literally nailed it.

When they ask you why you wear iron boots in the middle of summer. You show them this picture.


Source: Reddit | tinybell

12. The perfect example of dodging a bullet.

You need a strong neck to try this out.


Source: Imgur | ThatOneMusicGuy

13. That would have been unpleasant.

Be extra careful next time you make tea.


Source: Twitter | @joycedieter

14. It would have been an honest mistake…

If your pancakes taste a bit lemony, don’t you worry, we got your back.


Source: Reddit | MLBM100

15. It makes you feel good that you forgot to take these.

Such a terrible mistake!


Source: Reddit | daemoncel

16. These are not interchangeable in the least.


Source: Reddit | ccraddock

17. Not a pleasant taste.


Source: Reddit | Timeoffguy

18. Always, I repeat, ALWAYS, check your alarms before going to bed.

Use a reminder if needed!


Source: Reddit | Divamergency

19. That was pretty darn close.

It would have been terrible to ruin that pedicure.


Source: Imgur | nae6

20. This could’ve been super annoying.

Every single time I eat soup!


Source: Imgur | danceswithsarcasm

21.You gotta act fast!


Source: Reddit | Art_Van_Delay

22. Don’t ever date with the help of Tinder.

Luckily, they found out just how much they had in common within the first few texts.


Source: Instagram

23. When you are too lonely.


Source: Instagram | @nochill

24. You gotta use what you have.


Source: Twitter | @WORLDSTAR

25. Just in time!


Source: Reddit | alexdagreat15
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