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25 Hilarious Photo Mistakes That Really Mess With The Message


There’s something really satisfying when you spot something on a photo or advertisement that messes with the whole message. Remember how you couldn’t unsee Lisa Simpson in the London 2012 logo? It makes you wonder how much thought, foresight or review goes into certain campaigns. Like would it really be so difficult to give something the once over before you plaster it on a bus or a billboard? Sure they’re memorable but not for the right reasons!

1. The funny ad on a bus

Bus ads can be annoying, butt, who allowed for such a thing to happen? Why didn’t they just correct it afterwards? SO many questions, so few answers.


2. Think twice before opening your artistic store

No parent is going to want to shop here!


3. Spanish is such a romantic language

Who needs silly English when Spanish is much simpler?  At least here.


4. The odd one

Why couldn’t they have just put “Fidel Castro outlived six of those presidents at the time of this writing”?


5. Children’s books nowadays

Telling the story of Noah’s Ark, this one is just funny. Come on, Noah, you weren’t the population much of a chance.


6. It’s all about perspective

Especially when you hang something up on your wall. Please make sure it makes sense, otherwise, you get instances like this. It’s pretty impressive to see this woman flying about being mother of the year.


7. Phone mysteries

Remember when everyone’s iPhone 6 was bending in their pockets and everyone was making a drama about it? Well, at least they weren’t cracking in half. Although, the way some people were complaining about that whole scandal you’d think they were.


8. Driving is so hard

Especially when there are signs like this one.


9. Delicious candies that have funny names


10. Troll hair as a fence

Some people just really want you to stay off the grass, I suppose.


11. Disappointment cake

Imagine having this cake for your wedding or birthday!


12. “Never forget 9/11” occasionally becomes a business for some people.

It seems like some concerned business owners are trying to take things a few steps further by naming the local convenience store after the worst tragedy to ever occur in the United States.


13. Hilarious!

The English language reads right-to-left, not vertically. But it is creative, to be honest!


14. Wait, what?

Are you telling me to leave as your friends leave? All confused here…


15. Signs have never been so confusing

The whole situation in the photo makes me think about running.


16. Vehicle disappearance

Maybe they just parked the vehicle next to a brick building?


17. Summer mixup

Many people love watermelons, but they will be furious when they see this.


18. Signs. So confusing.

There’s something simply enjoyable about seeing a sign that doesn’t take itself seriously.


19. Why?

This one’s just dangerous.


20. Countries have strange policies


21. Ingenious method of home improvement

What you have to do to get air conditioning. Just imagine your kid seeing this setup.


22. Signs again.

Zoo signs are the best. I wonder what the alligator thinks seeing this one.


23. A building ruined

You get down from there this instant, mister!


24. Double trouble

Good job, guys. You really nailed it here.


25. You gotta respect their last wish

Even if it’s about a vegetable. Or is it?



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