25 Things you are doing totally wrong


Some things we do as we do because our mother or father has taught as so. Each of us has something we do in our own way. Sometimes we know that it isn’t the right or the best way but we can’t think of a better way how to do something.  And the biggest irony is that we have to repeat the same methods every day. Sometimes we don’t even know  we are doing it wrong. Have you ever wondered are you eating your favorite chicken wings the right way?

1. To easily peel mango cut it into cubes and then push the skin inside.

1. Cut mangoes into cubes before peeling and eating them!


2. Make coffee ice cubes to use when you make iced coffee, you will never have diluted taste any more.



3. Wear a bobby pin with  the wavy side on the bottom.

3. Your bobby pin’s wavy side should be on the bottom.


4. Grab, twist and pull the two bones out when you eat chicken wings.


Source:Food Wishes

5. This can be funny. If you you like clean hands when you eat cheesy snacks, try eating them with chopsticks.

5. If you don’t like the residue cheesy snacks leave on your fingers, try eating them with chopsticks.


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