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25 WTF Facts About Japan


People who have been to Japan argue that it’s one of the most interesting places in the world, and then there are some who usually have the WTF cocked eyebrow.

Truth is, Japan does function somewhat differently to other parts of the world, in certain fields. Their cinematography is different than the one we are used to. They have gadgets that look like they have been taken out of a futuristic setting, and their toilets talk?

Anyway, here are 25 weird things about Japan that the internet is going crazy over. They’ll either make you go “NOPE”, or they’ll increase your interest in visiting this country.

It is awe-inspiring to know that literacy is almost 100%, which is #goals for some of the countries in the western world. But how is having white teeth ugly, and dyeing your teeth black a thing? And goodbye watermelon cocktails, I’m buying a small used car with that money.






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