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26 Rarest And Most Adorable Girl Names In America

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Would you like to give your daughter the most extraordinary name in the world? Many parents struggle to find the perfect and rarest name that will be the most beautiful for their adored child. It’s because there are so many names we have heard and we just want to stop people from using them! Often times, they rely on old history books, or a name’s connection to astrology, for example. If you are a parent like this, or you know someone who is looking for a unique name, here is a list of the rarest female baby names in America. Your special little daughter deserves to stand out from the crowd on the first day of preschool! People will always remember her at job interviews. Here is the list.

1. Alabama

Check out the state of this name!


2. Alishia

If Alisha doesn’t sound so unique to you, why not throwing an extra “I” over there?

3. Annett

It is a well-known rule that if you want a unique name, just take a regular name and add, subtract or exchange a letter. So drop the ‘E’ from Annette and what do you have left? Annett!

4. Apryl

Because it sounds old and it’s cool with a ‘Y’.

5. Aracelis

This one is perfect for you if you want to commit your child to a life of people spelling her name wrong.

6. Indigo

Why not using this color to name your kid? It’s not like you want to call her pink. Okay, Pink sounds great too.


7. Marceline

This one pretty much sounds like a French cartoon character, or a French queen.

8. Marlen

What do you get when you cross a bird, a wizard, and Marlene Dietrich? This rare baby name!

9. Martin

A boy name for a girl’s name is always a good, yet confusing idea.

10. Messiah

See gif.


11. Obdulia

This exotic name will be so hard to resist to.

12. Omega

Biblical names are all the rage right now. They have been for about 2000 years, incidentally.

13. Psalm

Holy name!


14. Renetta

One that was probably derived out of Renee.

15. Rogue

Maybe dad’s been watching X-Men and hoping his daughter has mutant powers.


16. Rudy

Rudy as a girl’s name is so creative!

17. Shery

Cherry with sh- beginning! Cute!

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18. Sunshine

Here’s a cheery name! Your daughter will be brightening the days of everyone around her!

19. Swayze

Fans of Dirty Dancing will do this for sure!


20. Talitha

It sounds foreign and exotic!

21. Theola

If you want your kid to have a unique name on the register at school, this is definitely the name for you!

22. Trixie

This one is creative in spelling as well as in pronunciation.

23. Twinkle

It kind of sounds like one of Tinkerbell’s fairy friends!


24. Valkyrie

Have you started humming the helicopter music from Apocalypse Now after reading that yet?

25. Veola

It sounds like a cleaning brand, or does it?

26. Zowie

The perfect name for a star girl!



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