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26 Surprising But Hilarious ‘I Woke Up To This’ Moments


Have you ever woken up and felt like you lived on another planet? Whether it was your reflection in the mirror or the view outside, when we’re not fully awake we can be easily disturbed. And at the shocking moment, it seems like it’s the worst thing happening. However, we later realize that it’s the best hilarious event in our otherwise dull lives. In one Australian National park, a janitor was shocked to discover a little creature in the rest room, but they became an Internet celebrity later on. After all, laughter is good for all of us, and it can even help you lose weight.



According to recent studies, just fifteen minutes of laughter can burn fifty calories. How amazing is that? Laughing is the greatest way to pass the time. Here are some of the funniest moments of total surprise that people actually experienced.



You may just find yourself in the examples, too.


1. Blocked in


“I went to bed and it was lightly snowing… I woke up to this.”

2. Creepy baby


“Me and my wife woke up to this in the middle of the night. It’s our son.” Imagine no power and looking at this.

3. Come round for tea

So cozy up there!


“I woke up to complain about my roommate laughing. Then I saw this and understood why.”

4. Aerosmith

A pleasant surprise indeed!


“I heard someone playing Areosmith outside and it turns out it was Areosmith.”

5. Wedding day


“I woke up to my friends visiting me in hospital a few hours before their wedding.”

6. A flying cat


“I woke up to see my cat right above me.”

7. Play time

Cute until you realize you don’t own one.


“I woke up to this… We don’t have a cat.”

8. Herb garden


“I heard rustling coming from my garden… Turns out it was these two destroying my herbs…”

9. Killer cat


“I woke up in the middle of the night to this. I think it’s going to kill me!”

10. Hypo time

What an adventurous trip!


“Just your average camping trip.”

11. Singing


“I was going to complain about my flatmate playing the guitar, but then I saw this!”

12. Ducks rule


“I fed a duck the day before and woke up to this.”

13. Flash owl

That’s a real surprise!


“I woke up to this fabulous owl in my sink.”

14. Peanuts


“My roommate passed out in a box of packing peanuts when I was asleep.”

15. Creepy monkey mask


“My son decided to wake me up while wearing a monkey mask… I s*** myself.”

16. Mr&Mrs

Married life is weird.


“We got married yesterday and I woke up to this.”

17. Happy owl

Total cuteness!


“Meet my new friend.”

18. The birds


“I woke up to find out that The Birds was based on true events… They’re going to kill us all!”

19. Fox life


“I woke up to a fox and her cubs playing in my garden.”

20. “Let’s go home!”


“I fell asleep in the middle of a street and was woken up by this.”

21. Bears all over


“I woke up to two bears climbing our fence this morning.”

22. Cuddle buddy


“This isn’t my cat!”

23. Food for all


“I woke up to a doe pretending to be a turkey this morning.”

24. A circle of snails


“For some reason I woke up to a circle of snails on my garden table.”


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