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26 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Using A Menstrual Cup


Okay, it’s time for those days of the month. Your menstrual cycle is coming and all you can think of is getting a Sundae or eating a double Ceasar salad. At the end of the day, you start crying over a spilt glass of water and your partner eventually cancels your date. Can anything be worse? Yes, you could try to change your thinking onto something positive, but, let’s be honest, doing that on these days is basically impossible. Here are some comics that will make you feel better about your menstrual cycle, but while we are at it, have you tried those menstrual cups?

According to Wikipedia, a menstrual cup is “a type of feminine hygiene product which is made of flexible usually medical grade silicone, worn inside the vagina to catch menstrual fluid”.

But are girls really using this? Here are some things that you should definitely know before trying this product out. A 25-year old girl named Aery shares her experience with you.


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The girl explains on the social media that she started using the DivaCup less than a year ago thanks to two coworkers.


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She also explains that she is very grateful for discovering it.


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1. You have to be really comfortable with your body to use a cup.

If tampons make you kind of uncomfortable, maybe it’s not the time for you yet.


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2. You will get messy and totally covered in blood at one point.

The cup has many wonderful benefits, but clean hands are not one of them. You need to be prepared for that.


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3. You might lose your cup inside yourself.

It really happens to some people.


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4. If you do end up losing it, don’t worry, you will find it.

Your uterus is not a mysterious black hole! You just need to relax and let gravity do its work.


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5. Your hands aren’t the only thing that will get messy.

If you lose control of the cup, you might find your walls covered in red splatter. It just needs good practice!


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6. Putting it in the first few times might be uncomfortable.

Everyone is different, so it might feel weird in the beginning.


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7. You might think you have it in right, but then you’ll walk around and realize you definitely do not.

You’ll know when it’s in right because you won’t feel a thing.


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8. You may not trust it at first.

You might even expect for it to just tip while you’re walking. That doesn’t happen!


9. You’ll realize you bleed much less than you thought.

The cool thing is that it shows you just how much you bleed on your period. Most people are actually shocked at how little blood there is.


10. The cup might give you lighter periods altogether.

Isn’t this the most wonderful thing ever?


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11. You’ll accidentally leave it laying out in the bathroom for someone else to find.

It’s very easy to forget if you’ve cleaned it.


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12. You’ll enjoy the freedom of not having to carry a pad or a tampon to the public bathroom.

Plus, you will hardly ever worry about leaking.The world just got better!


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13. Sometimes it just doesn’t go your way.

This is a modern menstrual miracle, and you may need to explore it a bit more.


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14. No more worrying about running out of lady supplies.


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You will never depend on others again!


15. You’ll feel trendy with your modern take on menstruation.

Menstrual cups are trending news!


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16. A major downside is that it does not fit up your nostril.


17. You won’t always be able to take the precious long time to put it in.

Sometimes, you’ll have to empty the cup at a night club.


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18. Sleeping is a lot more comfortable.

These little cups hold way more liquid, letting you sleep easier at the time you need it the most.


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19. They’re almost leak-proof!

This means you can still wear your cute panties with hardly any fear of stains!


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20. However, your cup just might run over at some point.

It might feel like a cruel joke, but it’s gotta happen at some point.


21. But if you trust it, you’ve got a friend for life.


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22. If you love the cup, you’ll probably start preaching it to all your friends.

They’ll all be weirded out a first, but they will soon fall in love with it.


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23. You’ll hear that boiling your cup is the best way to disinfect it.

It sounds weird, but it’s a great way to make sure you’re staying clean.


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24. You’ll be so frustrated trying to put the cup in right that you’ll give up and just use a tampon.

Sometimes, this might happen, too!


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25. You’ll feel really good about saving a bunch of money each month and helping the environment also.

In the end, you’re basically a Superwoman!


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26. You might fall in love with it or you might realize it’s just not for you. Do what’s the best for you!


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