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27-Year-Old Nigerian Man Marries 72-Year-Old Woman, But He Can’t Get Into The UK


Keep believing that aging is terrible, but some people are seriously embracing the process. A Polish fanatic has even made a hair transformation to look older, and you can read more about his story here.

Other people are just living their life as though they are young, although they are getting old. Call it weird or materialist, this 72-year-old woman is dating a 27-year-old and they are truly serious. That’s not how this story ends, but be warned, as you will be shocked!

Meet Angela and CJ, who met each other over Facebook in February of 2015.


Angela Nwachukwu, a British retired taxi driver, met CJ when he reached out to her from Nigeria, Africa. They’re 45 years apart, but their relationship took off when Angela flew to Africa only two months after they had first made contact. Angela actually has children who are younger than CJ.

They first thought that CJ was fooling their mother, but after investigating his Facebook, they concluded that he was an honest bloke.

“We chatted for hours, about our families and each others’ hobbies – it was like we’d known each other for years.”

Their connection was so strong that she decided to fly out to Nigeria to marry him without ever meeting him in person. Wow!

“I was so taken a back when he asked me to marry him out of the blue. There was such an amazing chemistry between us, I knew he was my soulmate.”

When she returned to England, however, things got bad. CJ’s visa was denied, and the pair were separated. Angela then spent over 20,000 English pounds trying to get him into the UK. CJ, who is a young computer engineer, tried to pursue a visa so they could live together.


CJ tried to get a tourist visa, but it was also denied. Authorities believe that he would refuse to leave the country. The couple are still optimistic, however, and Angela has visited CJ twice in Nigeria so far. They truly hope that CJ will be able to get a student visa and complete a master’s degree in computer science.

She adds for the media: ‘I was so determined to get him a visa I even hired lawyers to fight the decision. It cost so much money, but it was just no use.’


Be it a crazy story or not, Angela’s ex-husband Donald Neate, 71, believes his ex-wife is being ‘scammed’ by her husband. He also describes her as ‘gullible’. They divorced 18 years before and haven’t kept in touch since. However, after hearing about this new relationship he spoke to the media:

“The first time I knew about it was when I read the papers. She has been scammed by a man who just wants to get into the country. She has done it now and will have to deal with the consequences.”

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