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27 Hilarious Pinterest Beauty Fails That You Can Relate To


When do you stop scrolling on Pinterest? Probably after you fall asleep and your phone hits your head, and then you might go back for a few more pages. This terrifying place of perfection is many people’s hobby. They try something new every day: from hairstyles to home decor and all kinds of tutorials. But, wait a minute…is it as easy as it seems? Well, it depends on how you see it. Here is a compilation of pictures who tried Pinterest ideas at home, but they totally failed.

1. It didn’t turn out that good.

Just look at her face and you’ll realise the fail. We all have different hair, but sometimes you need more skills to complete a hairstyle tutorial.


Source: Instagram | @kristenasamom

2. The “Am I Doing This Right?” face mask.

Every single time I try to do a Pinterest face mask, this happens.


Source: Instagram | @little_litany

3. Many of us at some point.

Yes, there are some great hairstyles on Pinterest, but, oh, aren’t they so hard to emulate? Just go to a hair stylist instead if you don’t want to be disappointed after your hundredth attempt.


Source: Tumblr | clairekerr

4. The DEFINITION of nailing it.

Should be easy, but turns out it’s pretty messy.


Source: Twitter | @DanielleSuzan

5. Mrs Doubtfire Piterest fail.

Models on Pinterest always look perfect, but you might as well end up looking like Mrs Doubtfire. And who doesn’t love Mrs Doubtfire after all?


Source: Instagram | @laurabirchnall

6. A terrifying mask that won’t allow you to look at yourself in the mirror.

At least you got a skincare product and a Halloween costume at the same time!


Source: Reddit | NetherlandsOates 

7. Red skin after facials.

It can get red, but this is just too much.


Source: Instagram | @fitness_shenanigan

8. Just trying some hairstyles over here.

And the result is…an absolute mess! These tutorials seem so easy!


Source: Twitter | @sunryz83

9. The messy look.

It looks like you just dipped your fingers into some sorbet. Wonderful nail art, we must admit!


Source: Instagram | @jazwax

10. Not so perfect.

Heatless curls are not for every type of hair.


Source: Twitter | @smwinckel

11. Can there be a Pinterest tutorial on how to do Pinterest tutorials?

It would be so helpful!


Source: Twitter | @Henjealy

12. The ultimate fail to curl your hair. Socks.

Don’t try this at home.


Source: Twitter | @Lexxylou23

13. The most realistic picture ever.

So accurate! The smoky eye Pinterest fail is my absolute favourite.


Source: Twitter | @twistedsisterlm

14. Is that a cheesecake leftover?

It’s still nail art, after all.


Source: Twitter | @radiohelen1

15. That Pinterest moment.

When you think you’re going to look like Jennifer Lopez and you end up looking like…well, this. Let’s all embrace our Pinterest fails and live life to the fullest.


Source: Twitter | @ColourStLouis

16. The classic failed bun tutorial.

Bun tutorials are so hard! There are so many fails in these tutorials.


Source: Instagram | @femnerd

17. A Pinterest brush hack.

You probably shouldn’t try this at home. Ever.


Source: Instagram | @thatgirlmitch247

18. The old nail polish hack.

Absolutely crazy for me, but some people are still loving it.


Source: Instagram | @lovebydebsblog

19. When Pinterest gives you hacks to use all your makeup.

Okay, it might be time to go to CVS and get yourself a new foundation.


Source: Instagram | @jennycameron_realtor

20. When the mask just won’t come off.

Charcoal masks are supposed to come off effortlessly, but are they? Not really.


Source: Instagram | @gabrielleboyle

21. Classic self-tanning fail.

The streaks are REAL.


Source:One Good Thing By Jillee

22. Another nail fail.

Probably the hardes thing to do right is your nails.


Source:Craft Fail

23. Yeah, Kool-Aid lip stain sounds like a not-so-great idea.

Actually, Kool-Aid usually stains everything it comes into contact with.


Source: Pinterest | Sonja Foust, Pintester

24. She tried her best.

Maybe you should just eat the sprinkle cupcake instead.


Source: Imgur | thewetnoodlepics

25. Not gonna work.


Source: Pinterest | Sonja Foust, Pinterest

26. It technically worked…

The trick is to make it less tight.


Source: Pinterest | Kait Killgo

27. The art of contouring.

How do you blend this? Where do you even start?!


Source: Instagram | @andreafriedmanphotography

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