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You Haven’t Laughed Enough This Week, These 28 Pics Will Make You Do So


Don’t take this too personally, but I believe that you don’t laugh enough and haven’t laughed enough this week. We just want what’s best for you, so let’s go ahead and make that right by showing you a gallery of really funny pictures compiled by Diply.

1. With the advent of technology, you just can’t hide anymore


Source: Reddit | emzieees

2. Wait, what?

 Well said

Source: Reddit | 80sfortheladies

3. Even though… it’s a plate

How does this work?

This is how they got Napoleon Bonaparte

Source: Reddit | Robloxoo

4. Someone is going to make a cruel joke

Not saying what it is though.

Too soon

Source: Reddit | Akid98

5. Cleaning up the confusion

The original names are still visible though, for those who are familiar with coffee terminology.

Got it

Source: Reddit | 3y3-000

6. The two ends finally meet

Congrats, we're all impressed

Source: Reddit | AvoidableBoat67

7. Highly accurate


Source: Reddit | QuincyDental

8. Wishing all the best

"Canadian graffiti"

Source: Reddit | RabbitGuySentMe

9. How do you accidentally build a shelf?

Thanks, Google

Source: Reddit | PM_FUN_MEMES

10. Mom just got pregnant, dad just went to KFC


Source: Reddit | D5R

11. The name makes it a bit unappetizing

That it is

Source: Reddit | SuperDoody

12. The laziest sandwich ever?

 Nailed it

Source: Reddit | Preblegorillaman

13. Someone had far too much time…


Source: Reddit | BaconSpider

14. *sees Ferrari on the street* Found it!

Great advice

Source: Reddit | Erklane

15. Whatever you say

 Alright then

Source: Reddit | zabruki

16. “Skateboard” “Hand sticks”

I wouldn’t trust this guy selling me corn flakes.


Source: Reddit | tbrowne03

17. Umm, alright then


Source: Reddit | AlisonBacon

18. From one show to another

I bet the game would much easier to play

Source: Reddit | kieran01pd2016

19. You sure about that?

 It's math

Source: Reddit | wellokay38

20. A sparrow looking for beer

You mad, bro?

Me trying to choose a beer at the liquor store

Source: Reddit | ShizzleTown

21. Rest in peace the owner’s bank account

 Larry, you're a legend

Source: Reddit | mike_pants

22. How to sneak a beer at a baseball game

Take my money

Source: Reddit | DreadHeadMorton

23. That college degree will only get you so far…

This is so true it hurts

Source: Reddit | Joshinder

24. Close enough, right?

Got it

Source: Reddit | folkov

25. Now I see what you mean

 One can't say for sure

Source: Reddit | geobock

26. Well, it is kinda the truth I suppose

 He will, though

Source: Reddit | mitllo88

27. Yeah let’s just leave him home and put him back in when we get back

That’s how it works, right?


Source: Instagram | @meme.w0rld

28. This guy has a soul

Meanwhile, in Canada

Source: Reddit | michter1993
From: diply

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