3 Beauty Gurus Putting on 100 Layers of Matte Lipstick, And It’s Terrifying


It all started when Simply Nailogical first took up a commenter’s challenge to apply 100 layers of nail polish, when #Polishmountain and the 100 layer beast was born.

Then people just started getting silly, but at least they are aware they are silly, right?

Anyways nailpolishmountain seemed to ‘inspire’ people to do 100 layers of pretty much anything they could think of.

The three below choose liquid lipstick and I guess if anything came out of it, it’s that we don’t really have to try this at home as they all came up with the same conclusion…gross, gross and gross some more!

Yet there is something strangely fascinating about watching them do it!

Check out all three below!


Source:Lily Melrose

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