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3 Cool DIY Shoes Revamp And Restyle Projects


Why are you spending money on new sneakers or boots when you can easily give a whole new look to your old ones. In this tutorial, you will find three very easy and simple DIY techniques. You will also see some shoelace designs that you will love.

This tutorial is perfect for DIY beginners, because the creative vlogger known as Sara Beauty Corner explains the techniques step by step. You will recycle and revamp your plain old shoes, and in no time you will have the coolest shoes ever. What’s even better, you will feel proud when someone asks you, where you got your shoes from, because you can answer: ‘I made them myself!”

The designs are so creative and stylish you can wear them basically anywhere. See for yourself what kind of materials and tools you need and to learn how you can do it.  Check the video below.

Source:SaraBeautyCorner – DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

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