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Kayley Melissa’s Three Days Of Heatless Hairstyles

Three Days Of Heatless Hairstyles

I think we can all relate to the stress of wanting to change your hairstyle every day. Like, how do people manage to have different hairstyles 7 days of the week? Magicians.

No matter if it’s work or school, you feel pressure that people will judge you for going to work/school with the same hairstyle, and feel like you should switch it up. Or simply, you pass by a mirror and all you can feel is – bored.

Well, if you think you’re the only one, you’re wrong. We feel this pressure too. And one person that seems to understand this more than any one of us, is Kayley Melissa.

So, to relieve the pressure, here are her three days of heatless hairstyles!


If I’m being honest, this video is not meant as a way to give you ideas for hairstyles in a time span of 3 days. This is more a sort of what to do with your hair when it starts going frizzy/oily. But it works anyway!

On the first day, she does up her hair in her “go-to french braid”.

3 Days Heatless Hairstyles 1

For the second day, her hair goes a bit oily in the roots, and a bit frizzy and dry at the ends.

She adds some dry shampoo to her hair, along with some blond leaven to moisturize it, and then proceeds to do the hairstyle for that day, which are french rope braids.

And lastly, day 3

3 Days Heatless Hairstyles 3

The dry shampoo held on very well, but Kayley adds just a little bit more, to make sure it lasts even longer and is even more effective.

She then does her hair up in the hairstyle that I like to call, the… Shen-yon braided bun! Wow, I’m good at names.

If you want to switch up your hairstyles every day but also want to prevent your hair from going frizzy and oily every day, this video is definitely for you.

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