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3 Clothes Shopping Mistakes You Should Stop Making




Do all the clothes in your wardrobe get a regular day out or are some items pushed into the dark corner, pulled out intermittently with an Ughhh sound and then hung back up again? Next time you’re shopping keep these three rules in your mind to prevent you from making rookie mistakes, and wasting money on things that you will never wear outside of the bedroom.

1. Know your body type

By knowing your body type you can buy clothes that will suit your shape, look good and feel more confident.

If you are petite, wear fitted clothes that will show off your slim body. If you hold most weight on your stomach, but have beautiful legs, then you can wear A-line dresses up to the knees. This way you will hide your belly, but you will show your beautiful legs. If you have small waist, but big booty, you can cover the difference by wearing a loose top and a pair of jeans.


2. Always try clothes on before you buy them

While its tempting to buy clothes online, mostly you will find that since you din’t get to try them on, they don’t fit or suit you. When shopping take full advantage of the dressing rooms, try on the clothes, turn around, sit down, put on heels and flats to see how your outfit works out. If you like it take it home, if you’re unsure put it back on the rack.

3. Buy clothes that are your size

Again this fits in to trying the clothes on first to make sure they fit. If you have lost or put on weight your size may have shifted slightly. Don’t buy clothes in the hope that you will lose weight, wait intil you hvae lost the weight before you drop the size.


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