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3 Lazy Girl Summer Hairstyles That Are Totally Worth Trying


Summer for many people means no makeup and simple hairstyles, returning to the messy hair, and embracing beach life. Erin Elizabeth is a fashion blogger and YouTuber that has three wonderful ideas of how to embrace the simple hairstyle this summer. They will only take a few minutes to do, and you will probably wear them all throughout the year as well. This Canadian blogger posts about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and personal life as well, and says that she loves to experiment with her hair and makeup. Stay inspired with her ideas on styling your summer hair.

Summer is all about being lazy, too!

1. A loose half french braid

summer 1

This braid is totally worth trying out, even if you are not the French braid type of girl. It’s so effortless, but looks sophisticated at the least. Bring freshness to your hair tomorrow morning!

2. Half up with a barrette clip

summer 2

This hairstyle is a perfect solution for your lazy but grumpy mornings, when you just need to get your hair out of your face. Make sure to find a similar clip, and off you go, done in less than two minutes!

3. Messy bun with a scarf

summer 3

What the best summer hairstyle? Probably the messy bun. We know how much you love messy buns, but this one is special because it comes with a scarf. The scarf makes it look even cuter. Enjoy a day at the beach or out on the hot sun!

Check out the whole video here:

Source:Erin Elizabeth

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