3 Makeup Tricks to Wake Up Your Entire Face In Seconds



We all know nothing makes you look fresh-faced like eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.  The problem is we often don’t have a chance for such a luxury.  Therefore we have three makeup tricks which will revive your face faster than a double espresso.


1. Eyes wide open
A long fringe at the outer corners of your eyes will elongate, and make your eyes look more awake. Begin with swiping a light eye shadow across your lids. It will create the backdrop for a dark mascara. Use a lash curler and maximize the lift in your lashes.


Then apply a volumizing and lifting mascara. The ones with a tapered wand have longer bristles and therefore it can deposit the most mascara on your outer lashes. You will have best results if you position the tip of the wand in the middle of the lash line.  Target the middle and outer lashes, sweep through, and repeat.


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