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3 Moves for perfect walking workout


1: Step squat

To shape your butt, thighs, hamstrings
Begin with a right of step, put your left foot flat on top, keep the apart the legs, just a little more than hip-width apart. Get into a squat position as on the picture, keeping the foot on a step. Then straighten your legs for one rep. Switch sides on every 10 reps and repeat.
Always think about driving both hips back similar as if you are sitting in a chair, even though one one foot is elevated.gallery-1473188048-ghk1016-just-3-moves2

2: Tap out exercise

To shape the butt, hamstrings, thighs, calves
Begin from a standing on the step position. Extend your right leg first about a foot off the floor and keep your toes lifted. Keep your right knee straight while bending your left knee. Tam on the floor in front of you with the right heel. Keep your left knee for one rep straightenSwitch sides on every 10 reps and repeat. To Find the right balance look at one point on the wall ahead of you while putting your weight onto your left heel.


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