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Ingenious Parenting Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know


Being a parent is basically a full-time job with a lot of pressure and a really whiny boss. Adding the fact that you can’t escape it 24/7, it really requires patience and effort. Sometimes, you just need a little break, but that break happens once a month when you finally get to go out with your friends. As much as you love being a parent and spend all day with your kids, you need some easy ways to get by on tough days. And there is nothing wrong with that. A little help never hurt a parent. Here are some crafty hacks you can use for becoming the rested and loving parent.

1. Safety bracelet

If you are feeling a bit paranoid about losing your kid at the mall, or the cinema, make sure you make this bracelet. Put your phone number on it, but pay extra attention. It takes a mere second for a kid to wander off.


2. Pool noodles for bedtime security

There is a great chance your kid will fall off the bed at some point in their life. If you want to stop this from happening, just put a pool noodle beneath the fitted sheets to prevent them from falling.


3. DIY Slipper grips

Apply hot glue dots to the bottom of your child’s slippers or socks. No more falling on slippery floors!


4. Toilet paper guide

Leave a marker on the wall to measure how much toilet paper your kids use. Until they become aware of the importance of paper.


5. Shoe stickers

Do your kids struggle to tell their left shoe apart from their right shoe? If yes, just cut a sticker in half and put each section in one of your kid’s shoes. They’ll figure it out while having a lot of fun!


6. Lint roller for glitter

Parents are not great fans of glitter, but kids love to leave it everywhere. Hopefully, you can run a lint roller over the glitter area and it will be gone in a second!


7. Lock-safe rubber bands

Use a rubber band like this to prevent your kids locking themselves inside a room.


8. A fitted sheet as a protection.

Stop worrying about sunlight and bugs with this simple fitted bed sheet. Make sure that the kid has some air on one side, too.


9. Just enough lotion

Keep the kids from using too much lotion or soap by wrapping a rubber band around the pump.


10. Clean pacifiers

This can be a real struggle. If you have some portion caps, though, use them to store the extra pacifiers. It’s a great way to keep them clean!


11. Sink helper

If your little ones have trouble reaching the sink, use an empty lotion bottle to create an easy-to-reach tap.


12. Monster spray

Use this monster spray to help your kids go to sleep. They will love it, and no one needs to know it’s just water.


13. No-mess straws

Turn the crazy straw upside down, and your kids will not be able to pull it out.


14. Babysitter info

You and your babysitter will both benefit if you use a template like this.


15. Pool noodles are awesome!

Use a part of a pool noodle to keep kids from slamming their fingers in the door.


16. Tooth fairy fun

Add a little “fairy dust” to the money hidden under your kid’s pillow and make it magical. They will be thrilled!


17. Kid-friendly hammock

Help your child relax by creating a small hammock under your table with just a blanket!


18. Folded shoulders

You can pull your kid’s onesie down, instead of over their head. No mess will happen in this way!


19. Juice box helper

If you lift those little triangles on the juice box, your child will be able to hold the box easier. Life just got better!


20. Diaper wetness

Most diapers have a yellow line which turns blue when the baby’s diaper is wet and needs changing.


21. Toilet target

If your little man is having trouble keeping his pee in the pot, try giving him something to aim for.


22. Untangle a doll’s hair

The biggest nightmare finally solved! Untangle any doll’s hair using a small bottle containing 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and some warm water.


23. Cool off hot seatbelts

In the summertime, seatbelts can get hot and could even burn your kids. Use a spray bottle to solve this issue.


24. No-mess creativity

Let your baby create beautiful designs by adding dollops of paint to ziplock bags. SO clean and creative!


25. No more brown apples

Apple slices are a delicious snack but if you don’t eat them right away, they turn brown. Keep them fresh by sprinkling a little salt on and wash them before eating.


26. Remove crayon with WD-40

If your little one’s creativity has gone on your walls, you can always clean it with a little WD-40.


27. Keep kids close

If you’re worried about your kids wandering off in the parking lot, get some Parking Pals. These will make waiting for the car fun and safe!


28. No drip snacks

The perfect way to prevent sticky fingers is putting a cupcake liner on a popsicle stick to keep it from dripping onto the floor and your child’s hands.


29. Crayons to go

Take a few crayons in an Altoid container and bring them everywhere!


30. Handy ice pack

Use a frozen sponge in a ziplock bag as a makeshift icepack. Perfect for both lunches and injuries!



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