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The 30-second trick that makes your eyes look bigger


Everyone loves having big eyes. It looks like you are seeing their whole personality in them. To achieve that look, you don’t need complicated contouring techniques or to blend your eyeshadow. Everything you need is a eyelash curler and a swipe of mascara. Take a look.

Make sure you removed your mascara completely.


Step 1: So, position the curler at the base. Then put your eyelash curler close to your lash line. Gently squeeze down for a few seconds, then release. Well done.


Step 2: Start by moving it halfway down. After, position the eyelash curler towards the middle of your lashes’ length, then gently squeeze again. Yes!

Step 3: Curl the tips. Then make your curl look as natural and wide as possible by placing the curler towards the tips, then squeezing again.

Step 4: Finally, add mascara. Swipe on a layer of lengthening mascara, jiggling the brush at the base of your lashes for added volume. Voila! Big eyes.


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