35 Years Of Pebble By Pebble Interior Design Masterpiece

35 Years Of Pebble By Pebble Interior Design Masterpiece


Laui Svedberg is the art teacher to take 35 years to create the pebble by pebble, interior design masterpiece that is the Wolf House.

Northeast Minneapolis estate named Wolf House is one of the most peculiar products of time, creativity and sheer will. The house rests under an enormous, 1150-year-old oak, whereas its name stems from the several images or statues of wolves revolving the house.

What’s so peculiar about the house, you ask? Well, the decoration is made entirely out of small pebbles.

The one bedroom, one bath 1,078 square feet home was built in 1912 and was completely transformed by the time its owner was done with it in 2015. Lauri Svedberg bought the house in 1979 and has since then adamantly worked towards creating a masterpiece out of it, pebble after pebble.

As an art and philosophy teacher herself, she has a highly stylized approach to interior design. Consequently, the interior is entirely built in a mixed technique using different materials such as stone, bricks, tiles and more.

How did it all start?

At one point, Laura was in need of replacing one of the windows but since they were built decades earlier, standard window sizes wouldn’t fit within the existing frames.

“I couldn’t just go to Menard’s,” said Svedberg for a 2015 interview with the Star Tribune.

She decided it that it wasn’t a bad idea to construct her own window made entirely out of Mason jars framed in pebbles. “I thought, ‘I betcha I could build a window.’

The rest is history.

She went on to decorate most of the walls in the house with rocks and pebbles, using just a hot glue gun.

The most distinguished parts of the house are the mosaic doorway arch covered in all kinds of minerals and semi precious stones, a window constructed from 77 glass circles and parts of the bathroom are painted or paneled in flat rock patterns and designs.

There is a lot of use of paintings and murals as well. The living room features a forest mural, with one wall of it adorned with a painted cascading waterfall.

The rooms on the upper floor continue the jungle and forest themes with murals and draped animal-print fabrics.

Some of the interior has seen some interesting things during its lifetime.

“The cobblestones that surround the yard are from old Minneapolis streets”, said Lauri for spacearchives.com. “The front deck “pond” used to be a hippie hot tub built from redwood (the tub is still intact.)”

Matters of life and health urged Lauri to move to Palm Springs and the estate went up for sale in 2015. But whom do you pitch to buy a house like this?

“I’ve sold some interesting homes in my day, and this is high on the list, as far as interesting,”-says Michael Gacek of Edina Realty. “It’s definitely a head-turner — well-known in the neighborhood and in the artist community. It’s over the top, and I’m going to sell over the top.”


Branches from the 150 year old oak tree that have the house in their embrace.

home design

This wolf is one of the many wolves painted throughout the property.


Amazing wood patio. I can see myself having my morning coffee every day sitting on those stairs.

home design

One of the two wolf statues.


The staircase adorned with little pebbles which leads towards the second floor.


Mason jars which she had it framed in pebbles to be a window.


The kitchen interior is entirely ornamented with glued pebbles on the cabinets.


Some bath elements are painted with animal print design. The walls imitate a willow forest.


I can see movie producers wanting to rent this space.


The contemporary furniture fits in amazingly. The ceiling to floor window is everything!


Now, I am rather skeptical on how the drapes complement the walls. I would not want to wake up another morning if this was my bedroom.


This ‘pond’ is a former hippie hot tub built from redwood.


Lauri, I hope you settle well in your new home in Palm Springs! Cheers!


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