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38 Photos That Test Your Faith in Humanity

They must've thought they were getting the ritziest parking space in the lot!

Every day you see something amazing that restores your faith in humanity and assures you we’re on the right path. Well, consider the following images as obstacles on that path, some of which will seriously test your faith in humans and their decisions.

1. What’s a Queen to a King?

Someone better tell these “Queen” guys they need to come up with some fresh new ideas. Can’t get away with it for so long.

Face to the palm

Source: Ned Hardy

2. Vowels?

Well if they googled it before tweeting about it, we wouldn’t have this gem right here.

Save them, grammar police!

Source: I Waste So Much Time

3. I feel you, buddy!

Me too

Source: Me.me

4. Armored and ready to go.

Somewhere out there, there’s a guy putting on a 24 thousand dollar armor on a guinea pig. It has to be a guy, right?


Source: Imgur | thunderstruck614

5. She doesn’t even catch here!

I know not everyone can be the very best. 18 seasons later, Ash Ketchum is still trying. If you don’t get the reference, restart the game.

She doesn't even catch here!

Source: REBRN

6. Ambition is the path to success.

Strive for greatness, kids.

Please, no

Source: Reddit | billy_the_kid9

7. At least they’re honest

Honest about a gluten free chocolate chip cookie containing gluten. Go figure.

Lying hurts

Source: Reddit | coolsikboy

8. Nutella addicts around the world

I blame YOU!

The horror

Source: Reddit | ILuvRedHeadz

9. Uncanny.

She might be onto something here.


Source: Imgur | Ilovepizza1990

10. Save your bubble wrap, folks!

For there may come a time when our bubble wraps don’t pop anymore.


Source: Me.me

11. Positioning is key.

Hey, sign? You're not helping!

Source: Imgur | erelyes

12. The potato cat experiment.

At least the potato wasn’t very big. That’s… kinda reassuring.

OK, then

Source: Imgur | Ameliabedelia95

13. This one is just brilliant.

I honestly had a good chuckle over this, and then a sad feeling crept over me as I realized something...

Source: Life Buzz

14. What about quintuplets?

Shelby, you did the math on this one.  Can’t argue with that.

At first glance, your faith in humanity may waiver ever so slightly, but upon further inspection, it almost doesn't seem to be that dumb of a question.

Source: Imgur | mrmiyagi007

15. What a bargain!

It’s even cheaper if you rent them. Just be kind enough to rewind back to page one before you return them.

Awww, baby girl, naw.

Source: Cheezburger

16. In a state of shock probably, when they read this.

Before you go thinking this is a dumb question, I bet it could literally be a Jeopardy question posed to a group of Geography teachers and they still wouldn't know.

Source: Rebel Circus

17. LOL indeed

Those 90’s were craaaazy, dude.

For the love of all that is good in this world...

Source: Rebel Circus

18. Easy money.

Next question.

Toronto. Rome. Boston. New York. Des Moines. London. Dublin. Berlin. Houston. Tucson. Pheonix. Key West. Springfield.

Source: Instagram | @bill_wi_the_fools_fi

19. Gotta be the spell checker.

Spell checker or not, this tweet is (drumroll)… Holofame material.

If that got your attention, you should also read about Youth in Asia.

Source: Rebel Circus

20. Nephew…

At least he wore goggles...right?

Source: Pinterest

21. Well…

That’s pretty impressive, actually. Torch?

 He wanted to be a kid again and immediately required an adult.

Source: Imgur | ChinchillaWarrior

22. Next time he’s looking for a monkey wrench, you know what to do.

Always nice to be able to help out around the house...

Source: Dump a Day

23. Gotta make those tabs bigger.

Can you believe he missed the obvious solution?

Source: Reddit | iamnotanasian

24. Honey, close the door, you’re letting all the heat out!

Yea, about that…

 Well, you definitely can't say they don't have a handle on the situation...

Source: Reddit | Stealsthreadforkarma

25. This seems like a good spot.

They must've thought they were getting the ritziest parking space in the lot!

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

26. Forgot something?

I don't think that's what people mean when they say to "leave the bag in"

Source: Reddit | mushcraft

27. That little house looks cozy though.

Well, at least they have a lot of time to sit and think about their actions.

Source: Reddit | Dr_Emmet_Brown

28. This kid is ahead of the curve.

Maybe he was just trying to find a natural, organic fuel source?

Source: Reddit | HerpDerpenberg

29. You cut out the top and pull them out, right?

I say tomato, you say "this is impossible!"

Source: Pleated Jeans

30. Hey, she’s just following instructions.

 And then there are some of us who just have to follow the rules, ya know?

Source: Imgur | mollyImalone

31. The ‘W’ stands for wizardry.

Yeah, that's one heck of an illusion. I wonder if he'll ever figure out how it's done...

Source: Reddit | rdelamora1

32. Sometimes, the best way to help is to not do it.

Well, their heart was in the right place, but not their new friend...

Source: Reddit | nyck1118

33. Mine, all mine.

Cut this guy some slack though, if you willingly put your face in one of those seats, you’re probably exhausted.

Sharing is caring

Source: Reddit | TheBaymer

34. The decorations are nice, but try again.

"Just following orders, ma'am — I don't see what the problem is..."

Source: Reddit | rallykv

35. Perhaps it’s just a figure of speech?

This guy who probably isn't as big a Stevie Wonder fan as he lets on.

Source: Reddit | metaldrummerx

36. Who needs a leg anyway?

At least he has lots of wood to make a new leg afterwards.

Source: Reddit | JDH1234

37. Oddly enough:

That was also his reaction when they told him someone was trying to turn himself in for reward money.

Maybe he can use that reward money for bail...

Source: Reddit | iowafarmboy2011

38. That’s a swing and a miss, MJ.

I guess when you're a basketball legend and an average baseball player, you don't need to be smart

Source: Reddit | trollininthedeep
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