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4 Awesome Facts About ‘The Lego Movie’


No matter how old or young we are, this 3D, computer-animated, adventure comedy film, brings us right back to playing with Lego. It’s so amazing, no wonder it earned a total of over $469 million. Or that it won so many awards including an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song for “Everything Is Awesome.”  Here are some facts you may not have known about The Lego Movie!

1. No matter if they are in the Lego form, the Lego Movie beat Ben Affleck to the punch – it’s the first film to feature Batman and Superman together! It’s also Wonder Woman’s big screen debut as well.


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2. Michael Cera, who played Will Arnett’s nephew in Arrested Development will be playing Robin for the Lego Batman Movie.


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3. Vitruvius’ gnarled  that the white staff is just a chewed up lollipop stick.


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4. In his apartment Emmet has a poster for a movie titled Macho And The Nerd. It’s the  Russian translation for 21 Jump Street, also a movie by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


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