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4 Cool Hairstyles for the Summer



Styles change with the seasons, not just out of fashion but out of necessity too. Summer hair styles are all about protecting your locks from the harmful rays of the sun, so’s that they don’t dry out or become frazzled. We’ve collected together some no-brainer hairstyle to keep your hair up and safe.

1 Braids

Braids not only look cool in any season, they are also hair-friendly as it is not as exposed to the sun. You can do one singles braid, french braids, boxer braids. You can also summerify them by adding a flower or cute head band.

2 Buns

Popping your hair into a bun, while extremely versatile for just getting your hair out of your face also do your hair a massive favour when out in the sun. Whether it’s loose or tight, you’re hair is protected from the sun and it prevents your neck from sweating.

An all round great choice for summer.

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