This Amazing Brazilian Plastic Artist Shows Us 4 Easy DIY Decorations

And now for some extraordinary DIY! Dany Martines is a plastic artist from São Paulo, Brazil, and loves everything that involves art. She and her boyfriend Rick Ordonez (designer and video editor) create cute plastic toys and decorations, along with short instructional videos.


The couple’ skills can be seen all around social media, because they have a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, a Facebook page and more. How popular are they? Well, let me just mention that Dany’s Instagram page has more than 303,000 followers!

And let me show you why. Dany has prepared 4 simple DIY decorations for around your house this Holiday Season. First, we have a cup that looks like a girl with cute flowers in her hair. Yup, I’m serious!


Then, she shows you how to customize a photo frame, followed by a desk box made out of popsicle sticks (or ice-cream sticks).



Finally, Dany shows us how to make a cute little “wooden” box to decorate our desks – made all out of cardboard!


Don’t believe me?

Here is her tutorial video on how to make these DIY decorations:

Source: Dany Martines

A shorter version of the tutorial can be seen on Facebook too:

While the video is in Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal have the same language!) don’t worry – her tutorials are highly visual, with her boyfriend Rick adding some cute, easy to follow animations throughout.

So what do you think, do you like any of Dany’s DIY home decor solutions? I must admit I like the cup the best. Which one do you like? Will you do any of them? Even making them is a lot of fun – and they can make really good Christmas gifts for your friends and family!