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4 Face Shapes – 4 Ways To Apply Blusher


Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and makeup is the best thing ever, but do we all need to apply it in the same way? This video talks about four face shapes. You either have a beautiful heart-shaped face, a charming rectangular face, a cute square face, or a pretty round one, and blusher works its magic on every shape in a different way. That, or you have an oval face, which isn’t mentioned here because everything works for you.

Wayne Goss explains perfectly what works on all face shapes, and exactly what we should be paying attention to depending on our own shape. For example, circular motions while putting blush on your cheeks widens a really long face, while creating an arch from your cheek to your temple works best for a square, or a round face.

Be sure to watch the video, and improve your makeup game next time you go out, because these are super-cool tips.

Source:Wayne Goss

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