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5 Brilliant Hacks For Your Car


Whether you’re a person in love with their car, or you simply see it as means of transport and that’s it – you’ll love this hacks.

1. Grease Your Seat Belt


Tessa Newell | TipHero
And forget about that hard time puling your seat belt forever. Just give it a little spray of multi-surface polish, on the plastic track where it slides on. Wipe the excess moisture away with a cloth and the belt should spring like it used to. This helps to reduce the friction, which is often the problem that slows the belt.

2. Makeshift Cup Holder


Tessa Newell | TipHero
Yes, well, sometimes we need multiple cup holders. Especially when the ones we have are filled with empty coffee cups. Keep a roll of duct tape in the car, you can put it on your passenger seat and stick an extra cup inside.

3. Dust Air Vents


Tessa Newell | TipHero
Don’t let dust blow right at you anymore. Rags can’t clean the small spaces between the vents, but sponge brushes can.

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