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5 Common Myths About Relationships We Sometimes Believe In


Watching perfect romantic relationships online or on TV makes for an unrealistic picture of what should happen in one. Whoever has been in a painful relationship knows this. Every person is unique and everyone has different needs or ways to show love. Sometimes, these are typical unrealistic portrayals of romance that we carry with us as bags when we enter a relationship. This is the sad part, because you can’t really tell what a relationship “should” or “shouldn’t” be like. There are so many myths about relationships that make us feel like we are lost in space, trying to meet one of those. And they are so simple and subtle, but you’ve probably believed in at least one. Here are the most common expectations and myths of relationships.

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1. We must always agree with each other

A relationship should consist of people who are original and being themsleves. It’s not about agreeing on everything with your partner.

2. Things should never go wrong

Life is not always bright and shiny, and you are so allowed to make mistakes like any other human being. As a matter of fact, being a part of a healthy relationship means that you are putting an effort to make things right, or forgive your partner sometimes.

3. You should never fight

You probably know couples who never have arguments, but every relationship is unique. Small quarrels can actually be important for your communication.

4. You should have the same interests

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This one is basically impossible. Everyone has different hobbies and they should nurture their own. You can learn about your partner’s interests, but still remain an individual in the relationship, challenging and complementing each other.

5. You should always be together

It is crucial for you to have alone time every once in a while. There is great truth in the old saying: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

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