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5 Cool DIY T-Shirts


Today t-shirts with pictures, slogans and logos ranging from the private to the political and commercial are almost universally accepted. This wasn’t always the case. Until the half a century ago a t-shirt was only an underwear garment.

The explosion of freedoms prompted by the counterculture and civil rights movements of the 1960s have also given us another advantage: using them as a method to express ourselves. It was then that the first homemade t-shirts with band names or political slogans appeared.

They are easy to make and they look super-cool no wonder their popularity is not waning! Besides, it’s always so much more satisfying to wear something unique and meaningful, instead of buying a random one from the store.

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That’s why we bring you a video by SaraBeautyCorner that will help you create your own DIY t-shirts. Do not throw your old shirts away! If you haven’t tried it, you will be surprised at how easy it is to give a new lease of life to an old t-shirt, whether it’s with a can of spray paint or a little sewing.

So make sure you check out the video: homemade ones are not just a trend anymore, they are something timeless.

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