5 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

magician tricks

No doubt magicians are not going to like this post. But for sure you will be happy to know the secrets behind their magic tricks. We all love magic, we often try to guess the secret behind the illusion. This is not an easy task because the magicians are dilligently trying to hide it. They even swear solemn oaths of secrecy, vowing never to share the details of their magical tricks with the common masses.

After all, their point is to leave us with open mouths after their performance, and puzzled by how they have done it. Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. You can check out the video by Wacky Wednesday and see for yourself. The next time you see someone doing a Criss Angel’s levitation you will know how it’s done. And that’s not all you will also see the iconic Double Bullet Catch stunt and much more. Enjoy and don’t tell the magicians you know the secret. Instead, leave them to think they have fooled you.

Source:Wacky Wednesday


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