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You Should Know These 5 Car Hacks

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We practically live in our cars, so why not take care of them? They can get dirty so quickly, and you we’re all guilty of forgetting to clean them. If you are willing to take on the chaos of your car, these awesome hacks will help you a lot.

Even if you are looking to dust the nooks and crannies or find a way to prop up your phone for GPS purposes, we got it all figured out for you. Check out these simple hacks down below:

1. Grease Your Seat Belt


Your seat belt often can hang down and get stuck on the door when you try to close it. In these cases just give a little spray of some multi-surface polish.

When you lift the seat belt up, you can spray the plastic track where the belt slides on. Your belt should spring like it used to after you wipe the excess moisture away with a cloth. This will help to reduce the friction which can be the problem that slows the belt.

2. Makeshift Cup Holder


You don’t have enough cup holders to spare? Well, the best idea ever can be to keep a roll of duct tape in the care. It’s very effective not only for an emergency but also to put it on your passenger seat and stick an extra cup inside.

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