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Five Hairstyle Trends That Are Going To Rock 2017


Let’s look at some of the hair trends that the girls and guys at BookMyStyle are predicting are going to rock 2017! Learn how to do the poker straight, the top bun, the outward curl look, the rope braid as well as the wavy, messy look. In addition, find out which celebrities have been seen sporting these hairstyles recently.

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The tutorial is delivered by Lavina Gwalani who describes herself as an ex-nerd and a current fashion aficionado. Lavina is a mass media graduate who also holds a degree in fashion designing and styling. The knowledge of these fields has given her the tools to build her own distinct identity of blogging. She sees her blogging as “a platform used for creating awareness in its most creative manner”.

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After a long search for the perfect career –  from an aspiring doctor to an enthusiastic writer. Lavina has finally found herself in the role of a fashion freak. Ithe fashionista’s own words the aim of her blogs is

“to make you style savvy, fashionably sound and creatively loud, to help you on the interiors and exteriors of fashion, to serve as a platform for brands to reach out to vogue-sound audiences”.

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It seems like those two degrees stand Lavina in good stead, doesn’t it? And no matter whether her predictions for the turn out to be correct, these styles are seriously badass no matter what!

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So check out the trends that are going take 2017 by storm. Be one of the first to set the bar high!


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