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5 hairstylist tricks you should steal for yourself


Hi people, we know you are always ready to learn something new so we have some more hairstyle trick you need to check out. Hair expert Ashley Flaherty of Estilo Salon in Los Angeles is more than ready to share their tricks with you guys. Also if you like the post, share it with your friends too and let them know all about these hairstyles.


1. Play Up Your Part

Do you have a last-minute call to go out with your friends but your hair is looking a mess? You don’t have the time to wash them? Well all you need to do is reverse your part. It will give your hair the body it needs to extend your blowdry one more day and conceal the oil,” says Flaherty. Yay!
2. Beat the Flyaways

Taming your hair is a really easy thing to do according to Flaherty. “Spray a little hairspray into your hand and run your palm over the flyaways or you can also hairspray the spine of a comb and press it over your flyaways”. Simple and very effective. You are already loving it.

3. Curling Trouble

“So if you are having problems styling your curls then simply after you curl a section, coil the curl in your hand and hold until it’s cool before you release. This will actually help you a lot” says Flaherty.

For this one you can use L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse

4. Dry Conditioner Spray

Ladies, it is the time to present you something spectacular. “So everyone of us knows about dry shampoo on you roots and how much we love it. But there is also a dry conditioner for you mid shaft to ends. It really does keep you hair hydrated until your next wash.” says Flaherty.

You can use Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray for instantly smooth haie

5. Pre-Blowout Rule

“Rough dry your hair about 80 percent before even touching a round brush to it. This will allow for a more voluminous blowdry and be way less work for you,” says Flaherty. You will absolutely love it.


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