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The 5 Rhinoplasty Procedures That Shook Hollywood


Rhinoplasty – or ‘nose job’ as it is commonly called – is the surgical procedure of aesthetically enhancing the nose and/or restore its function. The name comes from the Greek language. It literally means “to shape the nose”. If you connect nose jobs with tabloids and celebrities this might leave you surprised. The first rhinoplasty procedures took place in Ancient India, eight centuries before Christ!

What is fascinating is that the Indian method survived until the XIX century, when it was replaced by the so-called ‘closed’ rhinoplasty, meaning that all incisions were made inside of the nose. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the nose job procedure as we know it today emerged, allowing for improved technical effectiveness in diagnosing and treating the nose.

Today, statistics show that nose jobs are one of the top five most often performed cosmetic procedures in the United States of America every year. According to a survey done by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the United States are the third country globally when it comes to performing rhinoplasty with 45,998 operations in 2015, only behind Brazil and Mexico.

Of course, out of the tens of thousands who undergo such surgeries, celebrities are the ones that find it most difficult to keep it under the radar. Today we bring you five of the most discussed Hollywood nose jobs, ever.

Halle Berry


Kim Kardashian


Scarlet Johansson


Check out the video for a detailed story about the five rhinoplasty procedures that shook Hollywood. Learn how, why and when they actually happened.

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