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A 5-Minute Drink Gets Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Belly Fat

In addition to the ‘6 Ways To Get Rock-Hard Abs While You’re At Work‘ video, we have several recipes for you, that you can combine with the exercises and look the best you can!

Cynthia Sass created the ‘Flat Belly Diet’, with a recipe that transforms regular water into a a miraculous, healthy drink. It contains virtually no calories, and can even improve digestion. She calls it ‘Sassy Water’.

With super food ingredients like ginger, cucumber, lemon and mint, Sassy Water can make so many things in your body better.



The lemon and lemon water


Ideal for weight loss, a natural diuretic and an alkaline food that provides a balanced pH.

The cucumber


A nutrient diuretic, stimulates the renal function and very important for healthy weight loss.

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