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Amy-Rose Walker’s 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

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There are a lot of challenges that sweep the internet. Some of them are unique, others are funny, and some can hurt and/or kill you. I’m looking at you, “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”.

We’ll just stick to showing you the cool ones that will improve your face rather than ruining it. One such example is the 5-minute makeup challenge, and Amy-Rose Walker has decided to make an attempt at it.

When I started watching the video, I prepared myself for a fail video, but as it turns out, that’s not the case.

I mean, look:


Anyway, she was able to achieve that in a very precisely timed 5 minutes. And by “very precisely timed”, I mean of course, an iPhone countdown timer. The most accurate way to tell the time.


Okay, I’m just having a laugh right now. If you are feeling more serious than me, and perhaps if you’re running late and want to achieve a good makeup look in around 5 minutes, I would suggest giving Amy’s video a watch.

Also, shoutout to the puppy in the beginning of the video. If you’re reading this and you know Amy personally, tell her to give him a kiss from me.

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