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5 People Whose Laziness Is Genius Level


Do you ever feel like there is no point in getting off your couch? Life is too busy for your zen spirit, and, sometimes, you just need to take a day off from everyone. Actually, we aren’t talking about 24/7 laziness here. Whenever you feel drowsy or lazy, it is just your body’s sign that your batteries are low. You need to reconsider things and take a break from whatever you are doing. Yeah, I know you are at work and life does not offer roses all the time, but you can always take a break. If not always, then, you have some lazy life hacks that might help you. Lazy people can really surprise you with their genius. These Einstein-level people just invented the Heaven for lazy people with their ideas.

1. Companies need to hire this genius inventor.

If you need someone to think outside the box, he’s your man. Fall asleep without worrying if your phone hits you in the face.


Source: Reddit | arvzg

2. Students level of laziness

Students rarely have the energy to go downstairs and pay the delivery man. But these are pure geniuses.  If you listen carefully, people start cheering in the background when they realize the genius they’re witnessing.

Source:All Out Design

3. Does this mean what I think it means?

I can get coffee, hot dogs, and hot water for tea from one machine. I want one for my birthday! It’s coming soon!


Source: Reddit | Clay_Statue

4. I guess she doesn’t plan on anyone seeing the rest of that foot…

Because life is just too short to paint all of your toenails.


Source: Imgur | IgnoredIndian

5. Now this one is a genius, no doubt, especially if you don’t have hot water for days.

Maybe this person just forgot to pay their bills. Or maybe they are simply so inventive!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

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