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5 Real Life People Who Lost Over 50 Pounds And It Wasn’t So Hard


Losing weight can be a difficult task for many. The most important thing is the motivation to get started. Many doctors and nutritionist are advising on the internet how to lose weight, but real people are the best inspiration. These 5 people lost more than 50 pounds and shared their tips for getting started. They published before and after shots where you can actually see how much they have changed.

The power of choice helped most of them to reach their goals. They all had to to be able to control their state of mind to gain control over their own health. There are different ways how they achieve this.

1. Penny N, 31,  had success and lost 80 pounds over four years.
“I hid my scale and my full-body mirror for the first month, a trick I picked up from Henry Rollins’ essay “The Iron and the Soul.” …This helped me to focus more on what my body is telling me and how it feels and less on a number or how I looked.”

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2. Jason Nelson, 42, lost 74 pounds in one year
“I was bored … so I threw on some old running shoes and decided to go for a run…As painful as it was, it felt invigorating, so I decided to start on the Couch-to-5K program…So, honestly, my mindset that very day was kind of like Forrest Gump — I just felt like running. So I ran. Nothing magical. I just wanted to finish something I had started. I completed the program in nine weeks and ran my first 5K on Sept. 1, 2014.”


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