5 Reasons The Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton Always Dresses Her Kids The Same Way


Many times we have seen the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wearing the same outfits. Sometimes even versions of them, again and again. Each time she does it there is a new headline. It seems she is taking a similar approach when it comes to dressing Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Of course, she has her own reasons, to be more specific she has five. At least according to the handful of experts who spoke to the Daily Mail.


She wants to avoid creating a shopping frenzy around the designers and brands her kids are wearing. But, even that she does this, whatever her children wear can be found online almost instantly. Hardly surprising given that digital marketing company Rakuten Marketing ranks George and Charlotte as the second and fourth most influential celebrity youngsters in the children’s fashion market respectively.



She wants to show the world that royals are just like everyone else. TTherefore Prince George and Princess Charlotte wear the same outfit more than once. Even in official state portraits. That is also one of the reasons why she usually dresses them in affordable clothes, rather than the designer pieces favored by American celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.



She is protecting her children from the media.  The last thing she wants is photographers constantly trying to get pics of the kids’ latest outfits.

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