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5 Style Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter


If you’re a short ass like me, then you know we have to do all that we can to create the illusion that we are taller, where every inch counts. Certain fashion choices can negate our efforts so it’s important to be aware of what your clothes are saying no matter how high your heels are.shoe vamp

  1. Your upper shoe is too long.


To create the illusion of length you need to create a long, vertical line with few visual interruptions as possible. Higher-cut vamps (the upper part of the shoe) hide the front of the foot and thus shorten the leg line, while lower cuts extend the appearance.

2.Your skirts are too long


Again the same rule as point one applies. The more leg that is visible the longer they look. Skirts have to be teeny weeny or scapping the floor, any mid-lenths or calf-cuts will make you look stumpy.

3. Make them look up


The Salma Hayek on the left is drawing attention to her busy belt and bag, but the Salma Hayek on the right is drawing your eyes up to face with the vibrant lip color, or down a bit to the peephole in her chest. Give people a reason to draw their gaze up and not below the waist.

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