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5 Things People With Tidy Homes Will Never Do


The perfect Feng Shui of your home is probably never going to work if you have a habit of leaving your socks all over the place every single day. Home decoration is great and some people have mastered it, but then they kill it with their bad habits. You might end up surprised that creating a clean home means more than cleaning once a week and have perfect decoration. And, no, we arent’s speaking of professional cleaners, but of something connected to our habits and personalities. Good habits mean a more organised home, and that, of course, results in a tidy home. There are certain things that are a big no-no for people with good cleaning habits. Here are five of them.


1. They never procrastinate when it comes to cleaning, organising, or downsizing.

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It’s easier to say that you will do the dusting during the weekend, but in fact, there is a great chance you won’t finish it. And, yes, sleeping is more important than dusting. But with good organisation, anything is possible. However, a clutter-free environment is a brain-cleaner, too. It would only take up less than 20 minutes a day.

2. They don’t save old mail or bills.

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Unless they bear a sentimental value, throw them away! Probably no one will come and ask for the electricity bill from 10 years ago! Digitisation was invented for a reason! You can also run it through a scanner or just install an organisation app.

3. They don’t try to make their home look like the Taj Mahal. Like this one.

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Are you an over-decorator or not? You can ask a friend to look at your house and express their opinion. But don’t get offended if they start rolling their eyes! Decoration needs practice, and most often, there are items that need to be thrown away.

4. They don’t save all of the hard work for spring cleaning.

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Are you relying on your toddler to do the dusting? Then, you are probably doing something wrong. You need to get rid of unnecessary stuff as soon as possible. What are the odds that you will ever wear that summer dress from 2011 again? Start by putting these unnecessary things in a basket, select and donate.

5. They always have a place for each item— and it’s never the floor!

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Every item needs to have its own place. Even shoes! You can always use boxes to store your items. If you need some more inspiration on how to keep your home tidy, watch the video below.

Source: 9 Things You Should Clean Every Single Day by gcontent on Rumble
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