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5 Tips To Visually Enlarge Your Room And Make It A Cozier Place


If you live in a small apartment, just finding places to hide the clutter can be a demanding job, let alone making it look bigger. You basically tried everything, and by everything I mean you’ve put all the unnecessary stuff away in one corner. And then, nothing changed. If you are also a parent of a toddler, space basically shrinks because of their toys lying around the floor. While there is no possible way to increase the size of your room, you can make a huge difference in your flat design and decor to make it look bigger and more comfortable. After this redecoration, you will actually feel like you have more space with just a few adjustments.

Check out these creative illusions that will visually enlarge your space in a creative way:

1. Don’t use too many dark colours

This does not, of course, mean that your entire room should be white. For example, you can use darker colors to give your kitchen space depth.


Interior design: The Interarch Design

2. It’s ok to be loud

Try upholstery or curtains with prints to jazz up your space! Sometimes all you need is just one loud piece that will visually enlarge your room.


Interior design: Design Intervention

3. Let some light in

A small room that is dark and gloomy will make you feel like you are in a cave. Avoid heavy drapery and pick blinds that will help bring in the sunshine.


Interior design: The Interarch Design

4. Make people look upwards

Due to the sloping ceiling, this homeowner chose to add the architectural element above the bed.


Interior design: JQ Ong/ The Association

5. Make use of vertical space

Bulky shelves can make the ceiling look lower than it actually is. However, shelves that go right up to the ceiling are great for small spaces.


Interior design: Edgeline Planners

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