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5 Tricks To Make Your St. Valentine’s Bouquet Last Longer


Did you get flowers for Valentine’s Day from your loved one? Every woman that has ever received a bouquet knows that inevitable feeling when the initial elation caused by the gift is replaced by the distinct sadness of knowing it’s only a matter of time before the flowers wane and die. Although a good metaphor for life, don’t get too emotional: there are ways to make your flowers live longer.

If you have just been cutting the ends and putting them in water in the past, you’ve never given your flowers much of a chance. There are several simple tricks that will only take you a few minutes but will keep your bouquet fresh for weeks. If you love your present and the one who bought it for you, it’s not a tough ask.

Here are the 5 tricks:

1. Add crushed aspirin to the water


2. Add a combination of bleach and sugar to the water


3. Add sugar to the water and drop in a copper penny


4. Spray the undersides of the flowers with hairspray


5. Pour 1/4 cup of soda into the water


Source:Eddie Yzaguirre, tiphero

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