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5 Truths That Will Make You A Better Version Of Yourself


‘The truth and nothing but the truth’ is what we all hope to get in life. Or do we? How often do we choose the small lies instead of getting the bare and ugly truth? Too often, it seems. But, even though, uncovering the truth can be a painful process, nothing is more beautiful than living in honesty. There are some truths that need to be experienced, like these that show what it’s like being a mom, but some are even simpler. Those simple truths are the key to a successful life and will definitely make you a better person if you follow and understand them.


“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

In this saying, the point is that we consistently deny truths. However, as logical beings, we possess the unique ability to embrace the truth as it’s revealed and live accordingly.

Here are five tough truths that will make you a better person:

1. There are forces against us that fight self-improvement

This refers to the inner and outer resistance encountered when trying to become a better person.

Inner resistance to change is probably our biggest and most obvious obstacle. The human mind is a powerful force, but it has its flaws. People experience this resistance all the time, when trying to get in better shape, quit smoking, eat healthier, spend less, etc. The human brain is equipped with defence mechanisms.

Also, some of us don’t want us to succeed. These individuals feel threatened when they see someone else trying to become a better person. It would be great if we celebrated each other’s victories and empathize with our setbacks. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

2. Most people don’t care about us on the inside

Most people don’t really care about our “inner person.” The majority only cares about what we produce. Luckily, we have our friends and family! While we would all love for people to accept us for our inner selves, this is simply not the case. At work, we’re measured by what we’ve done well, whereas society judges us based on what we possess. People often make assumptions about our intelligence, motives and personalities as well.

We need to ask ourselves: do we give others a reason to judge? What matters is our inner conscious and should manifest itself in our deeds. If others are judging us without reason that’s their problem.

3. We’re prone to defeatism

The truth is that there are so many people around the world who are defeated in their own minds.

So, how do we defeat this defeatism? We can overcome a defeatist attitude through diligence and action. However, we need to become aware of it first. Then, we have to take the initiative in order to become a better person.

4. We’re not entitled to everything

There are many different ways people feel entitled. This sense of entitlement can be physical, psychological and behavioural. However, the truth is that nobody should believe they’re entitled to anything. But just remember: there are millions of people that have left the world a better place.

5. Shortcuts are a myth

A main rule in life is that if we want to achieve success in anything, we have to work and be persistent. If we’re to achieve our own version of success, there must be a mindset of “do whatever it takes.”

Source: powerofpositivity

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