A 5th-grade Teacher Wrote Inspirational Quotes On Each Student’s Desk Before Exams


We have all felt the terror of taking an exam.

It is scary no matter if you are a student who spends days and sleepless nights learning. Or just someone who remembers that the exam is today and didn’t open the books at all. Basically, no one likes being tested!

We all face the fear of potential failure,  no one likes doubting themselves. And when we are in these situations something happens. No need to guess what, we make some really silly mistakes during the exam.

Is there a way we can turn it around? How can we make exams less horrifying for the students, is a question many teachers are asking themselves.

Mrs. Langford is a fifth-grade teacher at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in New Jersey.

And she is the one who has the answer. She knows how to boost her students’ self-confidence before taking tests.


Source:via Woodbury City Public Schools

She wrote personalized inspirational messages for each one of her pupils to read before taking their exams.

“Learning is your superpower! Remember, never stop trying and never stop growing your brain!” one message reads.


Source:via Facebook / Woodbury City Public Schools

She wrote the growth-mindset quotes on the students desks to surprise and encourage them.

Mrs. Langford used a dry-erase marker so the messages could be wiped off before the exam started.


Source:via Facebook / Woodbury City Public Schools

All the messages were short and sweet: “Remember, there is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs! You got this!

The 5th-grade teacher signed the notes from all the teachers to show the kids all the possible support. She even put two doughnut holes on each desk for an extra mid-exam sugar boost!


Source:via Facebook / Woodbury City Public Schools

These desk messages mark the start of something incredibly powerful, they inspired not only her students but the netizens as well. The pictures with positive quotes were shared like lighting over 20,000 times.


Source:via Facebook / Woodbury City Public Schoolsdiply

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