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6 Cool Early 2000s Things That We Remember Too Well


I feel like I can never stop writing about those early 2000s! It makes me sob with tears every time I realize there are new technology-crazy generations now! We used to go out and actually talk. Now, all you can see is kids walking on the street while chasing virtual animals or listening to YouTube! If anyone can agree with me, we used to have cool things while growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. I can name like a hundred items, but let’s just start with the most basic stuff most of us adored.

1. Motorola razrs

First, it was flip phones. Then, they evolved into these beauties called Motorola Razrs. This exact phone was so many people’s first cell phone! I just started reviving memories, I don’t know about you. Don’t judge me, okay?

Motorola Razrs

Source: Imgur | Imgur

2. Gel pens

Gel pens were my absolute favorites! Back-to-school shopping always included a pack of bright, and colorful gel pen wonders. Although we weren’t allowed to use them for school work, they were the coolest for passing notes.

Gel Pens

Source: Raymond Geddes

3. DC shoes

These were a total classic in the early 2000s! Do you even know anyone who didn’t own a pair? Everyone had DC shoes, and if you had camo ones, you were even luckier.

DC Shoes

Source: Poshmark

4. Bebe clothing

Bebe was the “it girl” brand of the early 2000s, I’m telling you! If you didn’t own a baby pink hoodie with the logo across the chest, I don’t know what you were wearing. Maybe  you owned a rhinestone-studded, ribbed tee that looked something like this. Did it bring some memories?

Bebe Clothing

Source: Poshmark

5. Fake Louis Vuitton bags

You can thank Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for the fake Louis Vuitton craze, for sure. Almost everyone was crazy about them in the early 2000s. Owning this white, candy-colored monogram bag was basically the equivalent of owning a private jet. Sounds hilarious now, doesn’t it?

Fake Louis Vuitton Bags

Source: Open for Vintage

6. Von Dutch trucker hats

The early 2000s were a  wonderful time after all. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were notorious for their love of Von Dutch trucker hats. Of course, we did our best in the attempt to own one of these.

Von Dutch Trucker Hats

Source: Poshmark

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