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6 DIY Ideas How To Make Unique and Low Cost Earrings

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If earrings are your favorite piece of jewelry, you must enjoy buying a new pair every once in a while. There are so many to choose from: old, new, fabric, rhinestone, designer… . If you happen to be like me, you feel depressed when one of your earring gets lost somewhere along the way. This has happened so often to me that I just decided I’m not buying earrings for the next few months. It was particularly hard for me because I spent my last money savings just to get a new pair. Then, I started doing some research and found out that I am not alone. People spend enormous sums of money on earrings. So, I thought it was about time I started making them myself.

What I found was a beautiful channel on how to make low cost earrings and I fell in love with them.

Troom Troom is a YouTube channel with over 80,000 followers. If you subscribe, you will experience the most colorful videos in your life. There are all kinds of DIY video tutorials, starting from accessories, jewelry, home decor, crafts, and when I found one about earrings, it just blew my mind.

In the video, there are six absolutely crafty and easy ideas on how to make your next pair earrings. You will never have to spend a single dollar on expensive earrings because these are so cute and unique. Plus, you don’t need a lot of material and you can make each pair in less than ten minutes.

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Learn how to make yarn earrings or just use your zipper slides for your next idea.

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You an simply enjoy decorating your new spiral earrings, there are all kinds of them in the video.

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Beads, rhinestones, wire… Just watch the video and prepare to get your mind blown!

Source:Troom Troom

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